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Rectangular Resistors, Cylindrical Resistors, and Shaped Chip Resistors



Rectangular Resistors, Cylindrical Resistors, and Shaped Chip Resistors


Chip resistors, also known as chip fixed resistors, are one of the metal glaze resistors. It is a resistor made by mixing metal powder and vitreous enamel powder and printed on the substrate by screen printing method. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high mounting density, high shock resistance, high interference resistance, humidity and high temperature resistance, low temperature coefficient, and good high frequency characteristics. Widely used in electronic communications, automotive electronics, medical equipment, high-end audio, instrumentation, etc..


However, chip resistor shape is divided into several categories? I think we all do not know very well, in fact, chip resistor shape can be divided into rectangular shape, cylindrical shape, shaped like three shapes, according to the type of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors and small integrated circuits, etc..


Chip resistor shape

Chip resistor shape

1, Rectangular-shaped resistor is also called chip shape resistor its structure can be divided into substrate, electrodes, resistive film, protective layer made of the following explanation of the structure and rectangular-shaped resistor diagram


(1) substrate: substrate to have good electrical insulation G8P-1A4P DC12 edge, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength characteristics. General substrate materials are mostly used high-purity (96%) AL203 ceramic. The process requires a flat surface and accurate scribing to ensure that the resistor and electrode pastes are printed in place.


(2) Electrodes: Chip resistors generally use a three-layer electrode structure, the innermost layer is the inner electrode, which is connected to the resistive body is located in the middle layer is the middle electrode, which is a nickel (Ni) plating layer, also known as the barrier layer, its main role is to improve the heat resistance of the resistor when welding, to avoid causing the inner electrode is dissolved. The outermost layer is the outer electrode, which is also called the solderable layer. In addition to making the electrode have good solderability, this layer can also play the role of extending the electrode preservation period. Usually, the outer electrode is plated with tin and lead (S.-Pb) alloy.


(3) resistive film: resistive film is a thick film resistor printed on a ceramic substrate using a resistive paste with a certain resistivity and then sintered.


(4) Protective layer: The protective layer is located on the outside of the resistive film and mainly plays a protective role. It can usually be subdivided into encapsulated glass protective film, glass glaze coating and logo glass layer. Among them, the encapsulated glass protective film directly over the resistive film, generally using a low melting point of the glass paste, sintered by printing. He plays a protective role on the one hand, and an insulating role on the other hand, in order to avoid the resistor and the adjacent conductor or line between the fault caused by contact. In addition, the protective layer prevents erosion and damage to the resistor film by the plating solution during the plating of the intermediate electrode.


2, Cylindrical shape resistors are also called wafer resistors, leadless resistors, footless resistors, color ring resistors, etc.

Cylindrical shape resistors

All of the above are resistive components a mainly used in surface mount processing process mELF leadless resistors and chip (chip) resistors, also surface mount components, mELF resistors in function, mechanical structure, electrical characteristics, safety, significantly better than chip (chip) resistors, and noise than thick film chip resistors lower. Cylindrical MELF resistors are mainly used in power type/ high voltage shock type/ precision type/ high level circuits with high safety requirements. The following diagram shows the structure of cylindrical shape resistors.

Cylindrical shape resistors


3.Shaped resistors are also known as sampling resistors, sampling resistors, and presser foot type manganese copper resistors.

Shaped resistor

The material is made of alloy and manganese copper, and the shapes are gate type, U type, M type, spring type, S type, L type, linear type, etc. The main features are low resistance temperature coefficient, wide operating temperature range (below 480℃), good processing performance, and good soldering performance. Widely used in the production of instrumentation, electronics and industrial equipment in the electronic components. Also belongs to the chip resistor a resistor just larger shape, but the resistance value range 1 milliohm-200 milliohm, etc. can be selected.


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