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What are the characteristics of DSP chips and How do classify DSP chips

DSP chip is a type of chip. Nowadays, DSP chips are used in many scenarios. To improve your understanding of DSP chips, I will introduce the characteristics, classify DSP chips,classification methods, and classification of DSP chips.

MingWong 2023-03-03

Zen 4 3D cache CPU Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D first test!-E-energyIT

If you want to ask which desktop processor sold the most last year, of course it is AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D. With the help of 3D V-Cache, the Ryzen7 5800X3D, which has a much larger L3 cache capacity than other processors, can beat many Intel’s 12th and 13th generation Core products in terms of game performance, and the price is also very good. However, the Ryzen7 5800X3D does not use the latest Zen 4 architecture, and the Zen 3 architecture it uses is also slightly outdated from the current point o

MingWong 2023-02-28

What kind of chip does ChatGPT need?- E energyIT

Recently, the generative model headed by ChatGPT has become a new hotspot of artificial intelligence. Microsoft and Google in Silicon Valley have invested heavily in such technologies (Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI behind ChatGPT, and Google also recently released a self-developed BARD model), and Internet technology companies such as Baidu in China have also expressed that they are developing such technologies and will be launched in the near future.

MingWong 2023-02-22

Characteristics and application tips for linear voltage regulators | E-energyIT

There are two types of voltage regulator used to supply a constant voltage to a circuit: linear voltage regulators and switching voltage regulators. Linear voltage regulators have a pathway element that operates as a linear electronic component. Factors such as heat dissipation, low efficiency, high operating temperatures and large heat sinks limit the use of linear electronics in voltage regulation schemes. In this article we will learn why as we discuss the characteristics and applications of

MingWong 2022-11-24

Notes on the use of common linear DC power supplies in life | E-energyIT

With the development of global diversification, our life is also changing, including our contact with a variety of electronic products, then you must not know some of the composition of these products, such as linear DC power supply. Linear DC power supply in the process of operation, pay attention to the following matters, you can effectively avoid unnecessary trouble.

MingWong 2022-11-23

A brief introduction to Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) | E-energyIT

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), also known as Switching Power Supply, is a high frequency power conversion device and a type of power supply. Its function is to convert a bit-perfect voltage into the voltage or current required by the user through different forms of architecture.

Ming Wong 2022-11-23

Qualcomm's own architecture PC processor Oryon unveiled | E-energyIT

At the Snapdragon Technology Summit 2022, Qualcomm announced the name of its next generation of custom Arm cores: Oryon, which will be used in chips designed to counter Apple's M-series custom Arm processors, but the company did not provide any specific details about them.

MingWong 2022-11-18

NVIDIA RTX 4080 Founder Edition Review | E-energyIT

As the choice of most high-end gamers, the 80 series needs to be able to match the performance of its rivals while still being reasonably priced. As the second representative of NVIDIA's Ada architecture blueprint, the Geforce RTX 4080 makes its debut, and this time we focus on NVIDIA's own masterpiece.

MingWong 2022-11-16

3nm Process enters white heat | E-energyIT

The advanced process is very hot, almost every year is the focus of the industry, although the real need to use advanced process chip products are few and far between, but this does not prevent the advanced process to become TSMC, Samsung, Intel and other chip giants to chase the object, after all, for the entire semiconductor industry, advanced process is the most critical technology reserves. In 2022, the advanced process is officially moving towards 3nm. in the first half of the year, Sams

Mingwong 2022-11-15

Storage Chip Makers Flock to New Track | E-energyIT

When it comes to "storage" and "AI", many people will say that storage is very important to AI because the development of AI is supported by massive amounts of data, which makes people put forward extremely high requirements for data processing, requiring more memory to store more data. It has to be admitted that high performance storage allows AI technology to be used to its maximum power. But AI is also important to storage, and AI is driving the development of storage all the time, and the re

MingWong 2022-11-14

Selection basis and application field of displacement sensor | E-energyIT

Displacement sensors, also known as linear sensors, displacement is a quantity related to the movement of the position of the object in the process of movement, can be resistant to interference, the range of displacement measurement methods involved is quite extensive. To help you understand more, this article will be a summary of the selection basis and application of displacement sensors related knowledge. If you are interested in what this article is about to cover, then read on.

MingWong 2022-11-08

What are the classifications and advantages of  intelligent capacitors? | E-energyIT

Nowadays, in the power supply system, the extensive use of power electronic equipment and industrial motor equipment has brought serious reactive power and harmonic problems to the power grid. The intelligent capacitors, due to their advantages of intelligent networking, human-computer interaction, intelligent measurement and control, and complete protection functions, are gradually applied to the enterprise power supply system. The following is a brief analysis of intelligent capacitors for you

MingWong 2022-11-08

What are the types of capacitors and the main functions | E-energyIT

Generally speaking, the electric charge will be moved by the force in the electric field, when there is a medium between the conductors, it will prevent the charge from moving and make the charge accumulate on the conductor, resulting in the accumulation of charge storage, the amount of stored charge is called capacitance. Capacitance plays a very important role in daily life.

MingWong 2022-11-08

PCIE 4.0 entry solution, experience ASUS TUF GAMING B550M PLUS motherboard | E-energyIT

The release of the third-generation Dragon processor and the X570 motherboard has brought more and more consumers into AMD's camp, which also has historical significance for the support of higher transfer speed PCIE 4.0 specifications. However, it is a pity that due to the high